Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic

Innovation in Logistics.

The Group with offices in several Spaniard Cities including Canary Island and the support of Cargo Marketing India and its 12 offices in India , Germany and Nepal. To Comply with today’s international market needs we posses a global powerful network that guarantees a smooth Flow of both goods and information. We develop a customised solutions from a single source to designing a complete logistic program using modular services transport worldwide air, sea, Freight, logistic and supply chain management systems.

Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic

Innovative solutions

Whether you need partial or total solutions for your Logistics requeriments or whether you plan to implement highly complex Project regardiess of the destination or origin of goods we can support you in order to cover your needs.

Cargo Marketing, leader in custom projects. Key accounts managers develop individual scenarios to provide specialized services for specific industriy needs automotive, fashion, textile, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, comunicatiions, aeroparts, machineery and perishables.

Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic

Our  Team

We distribute know-how providing profesisional training to meet high standards. Our employees develop solutions in cooperation with customers.

Our major guaraantee services is the investment in our team.

We search the rigth solution for each request

Whichever your requirement, we make it happen. We find the rigth solutions and follow through until the final delivery!

The Group in Spain and India and your company being close go further.

We are only a phone callaway!

Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic

Customized services


 Sea  transport

Road  transport

 Customs Clearance

Global logistic

Canary Island


Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic


Express & Standard, consolidations from/to the main worldwide airports, charters departament, consignee assistance departament, inventory and warehousing services, door to door services, Canary Islands Service.

Courier service on worldwide basis with transit time for all destinations.

Preferred Service. Our fastest service from airport to airport; it can be available custom service or door to door.

Standard Service. Economy and reliable consolidation services to the main cities. The arrival is notified to the consignee or custom agente; it can be available custom service.

Assistance consignee programs. Special atention and follow up inbound, outbound shipments.

Worldwide ad-hoc air charter services.

Tailor-mode combinations using various transport mode.

Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic

Sea Transport

LCL, FCL, door to door service, consolidations Asia, North America, South America and Canary Islands, temperature control service, carry and distribution.

Our strategic alliances allow a total flexibility for all destinations.

Door to door schedules for shipments cargo smaller than a container, also for full containers, inland transport, storage, distribution, consolidation and desconsolidation, handling in the port, transport, packing an more.

Door to door conplete service. The capacity to simplify all your program aspects of shipping in order to assure the fastest way from the inland zone by road or air, to customs and final delivery all in one.

Complete Documentation. Also document preparation without concerning the Benefit between cost and time.

Projects. An specialist team in projects and Key Accounts will study, will manage the best option and results for success in the main ports in Spain like Valencia ( door´s of Central Region) and MSC Hub, Barcelona, Bilbao and Algeciras, Maersk Hub

Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic

Road transport

Full trucks to the main cities, integral transport with Central Europe, North Europe (Scandinavia), Medditerranean Europe, East Europe, with national network trucking.

National and Portugal Distribution.

Groupage with the main countries: Italy, Germany, France…

Special services and projects. trucks with controlled temperature, transaction of documentation, special taxes, customs brokerage, Bonded warehouse…all near in Europe.

Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic

Customs clearance

Direct contact with Customs Administration Head Office to customs answer back inmidiately for customs clearance.

Customs agent integrated into the structure of the company.

Import and export customs clearance, Transits, customs and license consulting. Resources and files with coustoms, import and export licenses, Sanitary and phitosanitary oficial control.

Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic

Gobal Logistic

Suply chain handling.

Warehouse management.

Multimodal transporte administration. We´ll make an Optimus analysis to select only the most efficient options.

Special services and projects. trucks with controlled temperature, transaction of documentation, special taxes, customs brokerage, Bonded warehouse…all near in Europe.

Projects Management. Keeping in touch with one point it will give you global coordination and will be with your Project from the begining to the final.

Constant monitoring and regular reporting keeps a watchful eye on end-to-end Supply Chains to Sharpen processes and continaualy improve operation.

Develop new markets with direct focus in Madrid like Hub.
a) Asia / Latinoamérica
b) Asia – Madrid (HUB) / Latinoamérica
c) Europa / Latinoamérica. Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico,
Cuba, Argentina, Brasil, Chile etc…

a) Direct services, direct flights
b) Great capacity with direct flights or by truck with
european biggest airports like FRA, CDG, AMS
c) Access to block space, buyng power( Airlines , handling

Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic

Canary Island

Air Transport.

Door / Door Courier.

Express service – Load.

Customs in Peninsula and Canary Islands *.


FCL Full containers with possibility of boarding by Peninsular port, Canary Islands destination and vice versa.

LCL: Grupajes origin Madrid and Barcelona with departures in Cádiz ,Valencia and Barcelona respectively.

LCL: Groupage of refrigerated merchandise with consolidation in Madrid and weekly departure via Cádiz.

Ro-Ro Service.

Value added services.

Customs for both exports and import.

Cargo Marketing Sea & Air Global Logistic


The Group focuses to provide industry, expertise, tailor-made solutions and value adding solutions to meet your needs today and in the future.

The logistics project department from Cargo Marketing provide professional services to achieve all the requirements for a successful project.

The logistic of the project demands precise solutions elaborated individually for each client and each contract. We demonstrate creativity on each step and project areas. Any overweight or overhigh cargo has our special attention, Consulting, planning, preparing and executing all the movements following one direction from a country or different ones from our global Network. We dedicate Project Managers in origin and destination who coordinate with the client the SOP updating the information on each step from transport chain from the pick up to delivery.

Too Big? Too Heavy? Out of Gauge ?

Complex and big projects, no matter the destination, we will help you, since we are one of the experts companies for the turn key operations. We have the experience and qualified people able to lead logistics projects in specific industries, such as Automobile industry, Fashion, Textile, Engineering (Electricity and Refinery plants), high tecnhology and Renewable Energy. Food, Humanitarian AIDe, Vegetables

Four business industrial areas

High technology

Air supply
Energy Plants
Government projects

  • Optica 
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Care


Insfraestructure Building

Renewable Energies

Solar energy Fuel wind, Biomass

Engineering & Industrial Companies

Turnkey proyects

  • Energy 
  • water treatments
  • Oli & gas
  • Industrial plants
  • Telecommunications
  • Operations & manteinance
  • Manufacturing
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